I’ve been working hard at caring for myself – creating space to be, journaling, walking (dang foot is still keeping me from running) and reading poetry…  I can remember A’s love of poetry when I was in high school.  She was one of the significant adults in my life – youth group advisor, tennis teacher (I was NOT one of her better students!), driving coach (in a Fiat Spider!)… 

A pilgrim friend of mine shared a a collection of poems with me at our reunion last month.  Hafiz was a Persian poet in the 14th c.  This one is my latest favorite:

A Divine Invitation

You have invited to meet the

The Friend

No one can resist a Divine Invitation

That narrows down all our choices

To just two:

We can come to God

Dressed for Dancing


Be carried on a stretcher

To God’s Ward.


from I Heard God Laughing:  Poems of Hope and Joy, translated by Daniel Ladinsky