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So what words come to mind?  What are you thinking? 

On my recent road trip I listened to a book called Blink.  It is a fascinating “read” about rapid cognition and how we make decisions – good ones and bad ones.  Part of it focuses on assumptions.  When I saw this picture this morning on my google page (sorry Rich!) my mind went back to our day wandering around Masada, Qumran and the Dead Sea.  There were some bedouins on the road side dressed in a similar fashion and it never crossed my mind that they were terrorists or suicide bombers. 

But what assumptions do I have?  How do I pre-determine and box in someone?  I’m working on the finishing touches for my sermon for tomorrow and find myself struggling to not discount how others read the Bible (Jeff and I are doing a series on “What Presbyterians Believe” and tomorrow I’ll be focusing on the Bible).  I can’t wrap my head around how someone can be a literalist but I also don’t want to completely write them off.  It is always easier to see the biases in someone else, isn’t it? 

Enough for now, back to the sermon!

photograph from National Geographic Photo of the Day, June 7th, 2008