I had a really good post brewing but that came to a halt with one of those days.  One of those days when I’m honored to be allowed in people’s lives.  One of those days when it is almost midnight and I’m still wired.  One of those days when I’m utterly exhausted. 

  • phone call mid-morning that a member was being taken downtown to the clinic for possible meningitis.  Oh yeah, that brought back up all the fun of those 3.5 years of Jeff’s battle with viral meningitis.  Mostly though, I remember those lonely first few (10!) hours of waiting to find out what it was and wondering if Jeff would make it.  We’d just had two significant deaths in our church of folks our age:  one to bacterial meningitis and one to a brain tumor.  That was a long day…
  • I spoke with a dear friend who is facing her own unknown medical issues and being the consummate professional as her colleague goes through (and is creating) all sorts of crap.
  • The ten year anniversary of my dad’s death is approaching and I find myself wondering how to care for my mom – you know, be the good daughter and all.

In the midst of it, though, I am reminded of God’s faithfulness that has absolutely nothing to do with what I can do or be. 

And tomorrow is the last day of school and I get to play at K2s school.  80 degrees, shorts and lots of happy kids.  What could be better?