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It doesn’t seem possible that it was 10 years ago that my dad died.  It was a Sunday morning when I received the call in the middle of church school that I needed to get to California.  It was the longest trip of my life.  Jeff and I flew from Atlanta to Charlotte to LAX.  My brother picked us up and told us that he was still alive but no longer awake.  When we walked into his room, he opened his eyes and said “what are you all doing here?”  I smiled and made some joke about coming out for his birthday.  “”You didn’t need to do that!”  And that was it. 

The next couple of days were a blur – a time warp.  There were tears, laughter, In-n-Out burgers, a few hours of sleep here and there, difficult conversations…  We were surrounding him when he took his last breath.  It was a gift.  And my heart has never been the same. The next day would have been his 70th birthday.

It is a time warp.  It seems like yesterday and it seems like a life-time ago.  So much has happened since then it is hard to mark them all but the biggies:

  • Katie’s birth
  • His daughter becoming a doctor
  • Our move to Ohio

I head out tomorrow to be with my Mom.  I’m not sure what to expect.  I covet your prayers.

*the picture is of Virginia Creek where we spread my dad’s ashes on the one year anniversary of his death.