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Vacation has begun and I’m still in that mode of “what’s next on the list.”  I’m looking forward to some time away – it is very much needed.  My brain is too full right now – I’m feeling pulled in too many directions with not enough space for just me.  I’m hoping that the two weeks will give me a chance to read, run, play with K2, hang with JP… 

I came across a new blog lately – UncluttererI love the tidbits about clearing out the stuff that can so easily take over my life.  As I was cruising through some of the old postings I came across one about worry.  I’ve printed it out and put it by my bed.  There have been way too many nights of worry lately so I’m hoping this will help.  It is bound to be better than Tylenol PM!  One of the questions posed in the post is this:

  • Am I afraid of failure?

Well, duh!  Isn’t everyone?  Seriously?  And this takes me to life in the church.  How often are we afraid to do something because “no one will show up,” or think a way other than the majority,  or preach something because it might fall flat or maybe even worse, make someone mad?

And here is the clutter.  Those fears are shaped by the failures of my past… And the failures of the church’s past.  That clutter is more paralyzing than the “we’ve never done it that way.”  It is the “we tried that and it won’t work here.” 

Really?  Sure, there are things that just don’t fit a particular church but might it be that God is calling us to something new (that might even be something old!).  I love the questions posed in Holy Conversation:

  1. who are we?
  2. what has God called us to do or be?
  3. who are our neighbors?

If we profess faith in a God that is continuing to act and move then it just might be that something “strange” or “out of the norm” might just be what God is calling us to do.  And fear can’t stop God.  It didn’t work with Jesus.  It’s not going to work now. 

I’m grateful to be a part of a church that is moving beyond the clutter.  Now if I could do the same in my own life.


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