For all sorts of reasons, K2 has yet to accomplish that childhood joy of bike riding.  She quickly outgrew her bike with training wheels and had to move onto a bigger bike.  Sometimes being tall can be a disadvantage. J and I have tried all sorts of ways to get her comfortable with the risk involved but all she can picture is falling.  We went to the park the other day and found a grassy slope to try a different method (I was getting tired of running behind the bike while holding on!).  this one did the trick.  She began to feel the balance and rode by herself for quite a distance but would then freak out and squeeze the brakes. Once so hard she went over the handlebars. Ouch.  With a lot of coaxing, she got back on and went down the hill again. 

I jokingly (or maybe not so jokingly!) asked a friend if she would teach K2.  Here was her wonderful response:

I suspect this teaching K2 not to be afraid and how to take on something that will be hard to learn; that will have scraped knees and a hurt spirit until one masters it is going to be a lifetime journey. I will take her for a couple of weeks when she is that pain in the ass teenager, but there will have to be a wine exhange involved.

Such profound words.  And maybe the biggest challenge is letting K2 take all this in her own time.  And yes, M, we’ll gladly provide the wine.