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I love working on biblical texts in community.  In this case it was through Facebook and the status update my friend Marci posted on Saturday about how Bruce’s song Glory Days might connect to the lectionary texts for this past Sunday.  For many this past week was a time to talk about those glory days that seemed to have passed us by. 

I preached yesterday on the Exodus 16 text – manna in the wilderness.  There are times the lectionary just kicks me in the butt.  Yesterday was one of them.  It was a staggering week in the U.S. with the economic mess.  I’ve been a bit struck that it hasn’t impacted the political campaign process as much as I expected.  Are we all numb to the realities?  I’m not an economic expert by any means but this sure seems to be an indictment of how we have been living of late. Regardless, here is the refrain I used to sum up the text:

  • Stop your whining
  • God will provide
  • Only take what you need
  • Get some rest

I’m going to give it a try – especially that first one and last one.