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The other day I heard a sad, depressing, sickening (you choose the adjective) interview on NPR.  It took place somewhere in Ohio.  A woman who had just met Barack Obama in a restaurant was asked about the experience.  She was giddy about the opportunity to shake his hand and meet him personally.  Naturally, the next question was about her vote – “will you be voting for him?”  “Oh, no. I’m voting for McCain.”  The interview continued with the why question.  And her answer was apalling, disconcerting, frightening (again, you can choose the descriptor).  She couldn’t say…she hemmed and hawed… she said it was personal.  The last excuse is a fair one but I’m afraid that the reason she couldn’t/wouldn’t say is because of race.  I fear the latent (and not-so-latent) racism that continues to reside in our country will show up in the voting booth on November 4.   I think for some people they won’t even be able to identify the why behind their discomfort.  That is unfortunate.  Maybe even more unfortunate than the folks who come right and say why they won’t vote for Obama.  I really am okay if you want to vote for McCain – if you can support your decision with something more than “I like him.”  Likeability is well and good but I hope there is more to choosing a president.  More than race.  Or gender.  Or religion.