Today was my study day – the format is different for each week but you can count on me not being at the church.  Not much studying gets done in my study!  Actually, I don’t even call my office at church a study.  The physical set-up at the church and my desire to be available to folks means that my door is rarely shut.  I’m fortunate to have a study at home and my wonderful my mom is paying for someone to come strip that dang wallpaper that I’ve been working on for almost two years now.  Yeah. 

I’ve been pondering leadership issues of late and seeking some clarity of “next steps” for our amazing congregation as we continue to bump up against space issues.  How do we as a congregation discern what is next?  What is my/our role in the process? How I do I insure it isn’t just what I want? 

Here is the quote that is stirring within me.  It is from the Alban Institute weekly email.

One of the greatest roles of a leader in congregational life is not “being in charge” but assuring that everyone learns to hear and tell the stories that shape our understanding of ourselves and one another. The narratives we tell tend to become the reality we are capable of living; they determine the ways we understand leadership and the sorts of leaders we can imagine or allow ourselves to be.