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At the same time I’ve been working on this post, my friend wrote a post about how much she loves twitter. Go figure!  twitter-logo1She is a much more frequent blogger than I am.  Okay, let’s be honest.  She blogs and I kind of dabble!  I’ve pondered signing up for Twitter and have been known to read my friend’s feeds but here is my concern.  I’m not sure I need anymore input in my life.  There is enough stuff that comes into my life each day.  There are times all I want is 5 minutes of quiet.  I have another friend that is so disciplined that she checks her email at set times, 3 times a day – that isn’t me either.  It drives me a bit crazy when folks don’t check their emails regularly but I’m trying to get over that.  I’ve pondered taking a weekly technology sabbath but that hasn’t happened either. 

One of my favorite authors is Parker Palmer.  Much of his work has focused on education but his Quaker background  infuses all he does.  I love this quote from The Courage to Teach:

[teaching is] to create a space in which obedience to truth is practiced

This quote has evolved for him (and me!) but his original words ring true for me.  I’m working hard on good practices for my life so I can create that space – or be aware of the space that is around me already and not fill it up with so much stuff!  For now, twitter feels like a space filler rather than a way to create space.

But… I am the one who gave JP such a hard time about buying a Palm Pilot back in the late 80’s.  “It is a just a grown up etch-a-sketch!”  And now I’m in the market for a replacement for my Treo!  It wouldn’t surprise me if someone down the road reminds me of this post via twitter!