Another year, another marker.  Tomorrow is my birthday.  Katie practiced singing “happy birthday” to me this morning – too fun!  A friend of mine made a list of 30 things he was thankful for in celebration of his 30th bday.  Great idea KDS!  I’m blatantly stealing it but need to add a few more! 

  1. JP – partner in so many ways.  He makes me laugh, keeps me honest, loves me beyond what I deserve, and celebrates who I am.
  2. K2 – pure joy!  I love to hear her gut-giggle.  It makes me smile to hear her call for me.  She is a generous soul that helps me celebrate the moment. 
  3. My mom – what an amazing woman.  She will always be my “model for moms.” 
  4. Scotty – my big brother in all the best ways.  He left me a message recently about being reminded of our childhood.  He is absolutely the best big brother.
  5. Thursday nights at El Campesino. 
  6. A great run on a beautiful day – yeah, that doesn’t happen in Cleveland during these months…
  7. Pioneer – a church that is truly a community of faith.
  8. friends – who know my past and love me into the future. 
  9. A 44 year friendship – really!  Thanks Deb!
  10. A pilgrimage to Israel/Palestine last year that opened my mind and soul.
  11. Travel – Japan, Mexico, Hungary, Denmark, Germany, Brazil, Honduras, Israel/Palestine – I see the world with new eyes because of these experiences
  12. each new day
  13. my dad – still miss him, still shaped by his parenting, always grateful for his presence in my life.
  14. snow – seriously!  I love it. Yeah, it gets a bit weary about March but the chance to sled with K2, be held in the quiet – bliss!
  15. this one has to follow – the ability to head to warmer climes when March hits!
  16. books
  17. West Wing on DVD
  18. the Sunday NY Times
  19. Netflix
  20. Montreat – If you’d asked me 18 years ago if I would have said this the very clear answer would have been no.  Ah, how times change!
  21. The Solon community pool during the summer.
  22. Fa la la Lattes at Caribou – and that they only have them for a month!
  23. blank books and nice pens
  24. my study – my space away from the two extroverts I live with.
  25. hugs
  26. JP’s amazing meals.  I’m a lucky wife!
  27. Disneyland
  28. Great Lakes Christmas Ale
  29. a short commute!
  30. In-n-Out Burgers
  31. walking with folks through the challenges of life
  32. hearing k2 talk on the phone with her friends.  What a hoot!
  33. our back deck in the summer – no humidity!
  34. the many ways I can stay connected with friends
  35. 1.20.09 – what a marker
  36. candles
  37. road trips – and the bottom row of candy at the gas station
  38. going to the movies with k2
  39. making plans for our 20th anniversay trip to NYC
  40. Virginia Creek and the Sierras
  41. Yosemite
  42. steel cut oats in the crock pot
  43. Disneyland – the real Disney!
  44. a day at the beach, feet in the sand, book in hand, and a cold drink!
  45. yellow tulips
  46. the gift of each new day!