Bruce Reyes-Chow, moderator of the PCUSA and a colleague from past Montreat events is celebrating 40 tomorrow and offered a challenge to his readers to make a list of 40 things for which you are grateful, gives you hope or are in need of God’s healing.  Since it has been a few months since I made my list of 46 items in celebration of my bday, I thought I’d join in the fun. 


  1. JP – we marked 20 years a month ago.  His generosity, gentleness, and graciousness are pure gift.  He is the ultimate renaissance man
  2. KP – joy, pure joy.  I am ever so thankful for this amazing gift
  3. The gift of life.  This week we said goodbye to one of the saints of Pioneer and I was reminded of what a gift our very existance is
  4. The challenges and joys of being a pastor.  It is amazing how people allow me/us into their lives.  I need to remember that when I frustrated by the struggles
  5. Spring.  Seriously, it couldn’t come soon enough this year
  6. Friends who are willing to hear my whining
  7. More books to read than I have time
  8. 4 days in Montreat with plenty of time to relax, read and reconnect
  9. Time with my mom and brother
  10. In-n-Out burgers 🙂
  11. Hard work in the yard
  12. Reconnecting with family and our shared history – can you say dart guns?
  13. A congregation to serve
  14. The care of so many
  15. Colleagues
  16. Folks who are willing to lead in challenging situations (this would be you Bruce!)
  17. Netflix
  18. The gourment dinner group – a safe place to be me
  19. The arrival of Neil.  Thanks be to God!


  1. Listening/watching K2 and her variety of buddies playing together
  2. laughter and tears at a memorial service
  3. Sunrise
  4. Becka’s new call
  5. Ashley’s passion for public health
  6. Heather’s commitment to the Invisible Children
  7. G & J and the Chagrin Valley Job Seekers
  8. K2’s prayers
  9. sitting at the ocean – (preferably the Pacific)

In need of God’s healing

  1. Palestine/Israel – and the living stones that reside in that hallowed land.
  2. Families and the tension between generations
  3. F. approaching surgery this coming week
  4. T, D & C as they grieve
  5. G as she grieves the loss of her marriage
  6. Those struggling with infertility
  7. Faith communities in our area who are closing their doors
  8. A young man struggling with his health
  9. Widows/widowers who miss their partners
  10. The PCUSA
  11. God’s good creation
  12. those in need of employment