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Little_Gem_Magnolia_FlowerI had a wonderful time in Nashville this last week with eleven amazing women.  We studied with Amy-Jill Levine, read the Great Emergence, ate some wonderful meals, laughed until our sides ached, cried with and for one another, prayed, and renewed our souls.  It was pure gift.  It was an honor to be included and I am – and will continue to be – grateful for the invitation. 

I lived in the South for almost 17 years and it didn’t take me long to remember the many things I appreciate about the South. 

  • directions that include “go the red light” regardless of what color the signal might be when you get there!
  • folks who respond to my “hey” when I pass them on the street!
  • a gentile hospitality that is all its own.
  • hushpuppies and cheese grits.
  • family connections – it is amazing to watch folks find how they are related.  It is truly poetry and there are times I’m a bit jealous!
  • Springtime in the Southland – you are right, Emily Saliers, there is nothing like it! (And thanks be to God for Zyrtec!)