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churchIf it’s Thursday it must be El Campesino. It started well before our arrival and has grown over the last few years.  Now you’ll find 20-40 Pioneer folks gathered in a room set-aside by the owner.  Chips, salsa, and margaritas flow.  Folks who have never touched mexican food in their lives and could probably do without it have joined the crowd.  Relatives and friends often show up.  The conversations flow freely as well.  People that wouldn’t normally talk to each other on a Sunday now break chips together and invest in each other’s lives in ways that I believe, sadly,  would not otherwise happen.  The youngest ones (elementary) grab a table in the corner and often “babysit” some of the bambinos that tag along.  Birthdays are celebrated with a silly hat and a dessert shared by all. 

Tonight as I sat watching and listening I was struck by the beauty of it all.  A couple of high schoolers showed up late and started chatting with one of the older couples next to them.  Down at the other end someone was sharing stories of her experience at the Big Tent.  K2 played server and took orders of the folks around her – folks that are her family now.   

And they will come from North and South, East and West, and sit at the table of God…

What’s your image of “Church?”


image from www.missionary-independent.org