ThumbsDownI’m pretty sure I could have caused some significant damage if I hadn’t been seeing a dang good chiropractor of late… when the opposing team ran onto the field at last week’s Solon High School football game, the two young kids next to me started hollering “boo” at the top of their lungs and my neck snapped to the left to see who was offering such a welcome.  I’m not sure why I was so caught off guard.  It’s not the first time I’ve heard boos at a football game!  Part of it had to do with the dad who stood with the boys and did nothing- at least he wasn’t booing.  Part of it had to do with the age of the boys. 

I asked one of my colleagues and friends who is Mr. Sports his take on it.  Am I just being an overly sensitive parent of a daughter who is way too idealistic? 




What is going on?  Aren’t we teaching our kids to be good sports anymore? 

And I don’t think it takes too much to connect what we teach our kids to what we witness going on in Congress, tennis courts and public discourse in general.  I can’t change Sen. Wilson, or Serena or newscasters but I can change the way I speak and act and you’d better believe I’m teaching my daughter what it means to be a good sport.