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It has been awhile.  Lots of good reasons and I’m still pondering if I’ll keep this going but there is some stuff brewing and I might as well put it out on the internets and see if it sparks any conversation. 

Examen is something I’ve practiced off and on over the years.  It is an Ignatian practice that is complex in its simplicity.  The Linn brothers in their book Sleeping with Bread poses the questions in this way:

  • for what are you most grateful?
  • for what are you least grateful?

I spent the past week in San Francisco with a wonderful group of clergywomen who challenge me to be faithful in creative ways.  In the short time I’ve been a part of this group, I’ve found the time we share to be filling in ways that most other continuing education “events” can’t even compare.  It is a safe space to laugh, cry, complain, dream and hope. 

So I am most grateful for this amazing group of women and the opportunity to share in ministry with them.  I am least grateful for the craziness of the past month and my lack of finesse in managing it.  Thanks be to God for grace and the room to grow.