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No, I’m not talking about those “instant” coffee packages you can buy at Starbucks.  No, a V.I.A. is a Very Important Appointment.  This is the appointment you makes weeks, if not months, in advance.  If you’re sick – even with pneumonia – you’ll go to this appointment (please, I’m talking from personal experience here!).  Nothing will come between you and this appointment.  Do you know what I’m talking about? 

Yep, an appointment with your hair stylist.

Why is it I can insure that my calender will be clear for that appointment on a regular basis but creating a space to pray or ponder eludes me?  Priorities?  Bangs that will drive me crazy if I miss said appointment?  Recognition that I am utterly dependent on a skilled stylist to keep me from going crazy?

Now go with me here.  I am independent to the extreme (at times!).  “I can do it myself” was my motto as a 2 year old and still rings in my ears on a daily basis today.  If I can admit that I need someone to care for my hair then why, oh why, can’t I admit that some time set apart to be in the presence of the Holy is necessary? 

Lent begins tomorrow.  I’ve noticed a number of folks giving up Facebook for the season.  I know of others who will give up chocolate or soda.  Some will brag about it (which seems rather contradictory to the intent).  Others will take on a practice – scripture reading, examen, prayer – something to help them draw closer to God. 

Maybe I’ll set some regular V.I.A.s for myself – this time to practice being in the presence of the Holy.  Maybe some of them will be at the neighborhood coffee shop. I can pretty much guarantee they won’t be at the hair salon, though.