So I’m pondering… is this blog thing worth it?  Why am I doing it?  Fame and fortune – um, no! There is certainly a part of me that is intrigued by the fact that others are reading my words but I’m not sure if it is worth it. 

  • This blog is not my journal – I censor quite a bit of what goes on this page.  There are times I would like to process “aloud” issues and topics but it, um, would not be prudent. 
  • I read plenty of blogs, but I’m finding my own energy waning a bit.  Are blogs on the way out? 
  • Who even reads this thing?  Seriously! 
  • Is blog writing (of this vein) simply an act of self-promotion?
  • Am I bringing anything worthwhile to the table of blogwriting? 
  • Okay…I’m still pondering.  Thoughts?