Every now and then Jeff and I talk about where we will live when we retire. 

Did I really just say that outloud – retire?  Who are we kidding!  Anyway…

We’ve had the joy of living in three distinct parts of the U.S. and have enjoyed each of them:  living a short distance between the mountains of Southern California and the Pacific Ocean; 16 plus years in the other Southland – Atlanta; and now the Midwest (although we still don’t completely understand how Cleveland is the Midwest – have you ever looked at a map of the U.S.?). 

But there is something about home…

When I landed in Albuquerque on my way to Ghost Ranch I felt like I was home.  I’ve never lived in New Mexico but the landscape, colors, smells, even the food, reminded me of countless travels I took as a kid with my family.  I remember scrambling over boulders and discovering new treasures in the rocks and driftwood surrounding me, creating stories and legends of my own.  I remember taking in the colors of the sky as the sun would set and the light would change against the mountains as my dad would sip his tequila and grapefruit and whistle.  I remember the sounds of coyotes at night and was always a bit scared I’d run across a rattlesnake on one of our hikes. 

There is something about home that nurtures us and feeds us in ways that are beyond our comprehension.  What is that quote about home being the place we are understood without explanation? 

It was good to be home…it is good to be home.

Where is your home?