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December 2010 Lake Erie Lighthouse

Hard to believe we are beginning year number 5 in Cleveland.  I came across a great blog recently that every one of you million readers should check out as soon as you are done reading another scintillating post from me.  I initially started the list below for a friend who was considering a move to CLE but didn’t need to convince them so it has sat for a while.  Without further ado…

  • West Side Market – even if you aren’t planning on stocking your cupboards, a stop here will delight your senses.  The architecture is stunning; the food options amazing (seriously, when was the last time you saw pig knuckles?); the sweets and breads and spices and fruits and vegetables… I’m ready for another trip!
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Great Lakes Science Center – touristy, yep.  Fun, indeed.  Worth your money and time, of course.  Our daughter has loved R&R since she moved here and the Science Center is a fun adventure for kids and it now includes the NASA Glenn Visitor Center. 
  • Cleveland Orchestra – nothing more needs to be said.
  • University Circle museums
  • Get outside – even in Winter!  The Cleveland Metro Parks are awesome!
  • Spring, Summer, Fall, and even Winter!  Seasons are a kick.  We don’t miss the humidity of the South.  We actually love snow – the gift of a snow day is pure joy.

Go explore where ever you live.  Don’t be an Eeyore and be miserable – find the best in where you live.  Celebrate, enjoy, discover.   

That is my list – what are your favorites places to explore in CLE or your hometown?


Seriously, how could I forget these places…

  • food!  Places to eat and places to buy food for Jeff to make!
  • Playhouse Square – great shows, no traffic!  So far we’ve seen Wicked!, Billy Elliot, a really bad show we won’t mention.  We are scheduled to see Les Miserables and West Side Story.  Fun!   

There are more things/places/stuff – come visit!