Church of St. Peter in Gallincantu

My heart is heavy for others today as I go about the tasks of a typical Saturday:

  • memories of a life shared.  The joys and sorrows, laughter and tears as a family grieves the loss of one so dear
  • a family who says goodbye to a husband, son, brother, friend as a soldier is re-deployed to Iraq for at least a year
  • those who have received a diagnosis that is beyond imaginable
  • the one who struggles with depression, especially in this season of short, cold, gray days
  • children who struggle and hope for safe places to simply be
  • children – grown children – who care for aging parents but will forever be a child when it comes to one’s mom or dad
  • for pain that is too worrisome to share

You, Holy One, know pain, loss, and fear in ways we cannot comprehend.  Confident in your care but unable to shake my own concern, hear these prayers.  Hold up those who need strength.  Offer your grace in ways beyond our imagination.  Comfort with tenderness beyond human touch.  Stir within those without hope.  Bring light in the midst of darkness.  Be your life-changing self who can bring light in the midst of our dark nights. 

O Lord, God of my salvation,
   when, at night, I cry out in your presence, 
let my prayer come before you;
   incline your ear to my cry.  Psalm 88

I prayed Psalm 88 in the pit at the church pictured in this post.  The traditional site of the pit where Jesus might have been held during his trial.  The name of the church is based on the story of Peter’s three denials of Jesus.