Today I celebrate the birthday of Mary C.  Mary is a giant in my life even though I don’t think she has ever topped five feet.  Mary believes in me and has told me that for as long as I can remember.  During high school, she would greet me with a hug, a sincere “how are you?”, and questions about what I was doing and enjoying in my life.  She was – and is – interested in what is going on in my life.  I can’t remember exactly when she started putting the idea into my head that I should consider seminary but she was one of the first people in my community who helped me identify a particular portion of my call.  I’m pretty sure she was the one who had a packet of information sent to me from what was then known as the Presbyterian School of Education.  Oh Mary!  Where would I be without your faithfulness and love? 

Have you taken the time lately to thank someone who has shaped and formed you?  I’m going to call Mary today and wish her a happy birthday and thank her again for being a part of my cloud.  I hope you’ll do the same with someone in your cloud.