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I’ve been using an intriguing book to help me focus a bit each evening/morning:  A Pilgrim’s Almanac:  Reflections for Each Day of the Year by Edward Hays.  It is a quirky compendium of tidbits tied into cultural seasons and the liturgical calendar.  Part of yesterday’s reading came roaring back to mind as I tried to speed my daughter along through the getting-ready-for-bed process.

A devout and holy rabbi once said, “in my youth, fired with the love of God, I thought I would convert the whole world.  But soon I learned it would be quite enough to convert the people who lived in my village.  I tried that for a long time, but I was unsuccessful.  Then I realized that my program was still too ambitious, so I concentrated on reforming the members of my own household.  But I couldn’t convert them either.  Finally it dawned on me that I must work only upon myself.  But I have stumbled in my attempts to even accomplish that. 

Another stumble.  But tomorrow is a new day.