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Blurgh.  Ever had one of those weeks?  Where you wish you could swallow the words that came spewing forth – the words that tear someone down rather than build them up and make you look really stupid?  Yeah, it has been one of those weeks for me.  Oh, I’m not beating myself up (anymore!) but I’ve been thinking about that in light of this song by Seth Glier.

Do the next right thing.  The truth for me – and for you – is that we will always be messing up.  I hate that!  But there is always next time – that is not an excuse to do whatever we want but it is the freedom to move forward.  For me, that is the beauty of an act that takes place in our worship each week at Pioneer.  We recognize that the very reality of being human is that we don’t always do the next right thing but we are given a new beginning, a fresh start, a chance to try again.  If I could only be as generous with myself as the Holy One is.  Doing the next right thing is a way of seeing and being – not simply floating along for whatever comes next.  It takes time – and awareness – and confidence.

The next right thing or the next thing right…may it be so.