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Our Living Waters for the World Mission Team from Pioneer Memorial Presbyterian Church led worship this morning.  It was such a gift for me to sit and worship and not worry about leading the congregation.  This became quite evident when I totally muffed up the reception of new members – just another attempt on my part to let folks know that one doesn’t have to be perfect to lead worship!

Back to bucket lists and gratitude… Keven, one of our missionaries, shared about how going on a mission trip has always been on his bucket list.  In the process of checking that off his list, he realized that instead of having a bucket list, he needed to have a gratitude list.  Indeed!  Keven recognized during his week in Honduras that the people of Arenales lived with a sense of gratitude rather than “what more?”

I think that is the difference of living with a sense of abundance and scarcity.  Are you always looking for what is next?  Wanting more?  Wishing you had (fill in the blank)? That sort of thinking is scarcity thinking.  That is bucket lists gone bad!

Or, are you content with what you do have?  Knowing that somehow “all shall be well.”  This isn’t just wishful thinking – this is how God calls us to live.  Remember the story of the Israelites and the manna?  They were told they’d have enough for the day.  Instead, they decided that if they collected more than they needed they would have security for tomorrow.  Didn’t quite work out the way they planned.

Sometimes the search for security is a dangerous thing.  It makes us fearful.

  • “Maybe if I buy this gun, I’ll be safe”
  • “If I could get this next job, everything will be alright”
  • “If we can have this amount in our reserves we won’t have to worry”

And this is where my friend Keven comes in.  I think he has it right.  Bucket lists are great!  I have plenty of things in my own bucket that I would like to accomplish and/or experience.  But if my bucket list keeps me from being grateful for what I already have then I have lost site of the bigger picture.  I think we need to start those gratitude lists – that is biblical too!  Offering gratitude for what we do have might just remind us of God’s faithfulness.

Bucket lists and gratitude.  Scarcity and Abundance.

I’m off to work on my list, how about you?