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I drove what was my mom’s car, this time she was in the passenger seat, to help her get her Ohio ID card.  Nope, not a driver’s license – she gave up driving last summer.  It seems like forever since my brother and I noticed that things weren’t quite right.  We thought – maybe wished – it was just a normal part of aging but when some trusted friends started calling we knew we had to do something. Since then she has gone through days of testing, given up her gorgeous home and view of the Pacific Ocean (from a distance, but still!) moved across the country and settled into a 2 bedroom apartment.

Today was another marker on the journey.  Giving up one’s driver’s license can’t be easy.  I can still picture the sign my mom had made that was tucked inside the little trashcan that sat on the floorboard of her Dodge Dart Swinger.  My dad picked me up from school, tossed me the keys and there it was:  “Good Luck, Kerri, I know you can do it!”  And I did.

Now I’m driving my mom’s car – another generous act on her part – and encouraging her as best I can as she walks through some challenging times.  Today was a gift.  We chatted and laughed as we filled out paperwork, wandered through Target, and checked out the knitting store near her place (maybe now is the time to finally have her teach me how to knit the Scottish way!).

I’m never quite sure what each day will bring – but I suppose none of us ever do.