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A former congregant shared this quote with me years ago – after I preached what I’m sure was a drop dead amazing sermon.  Just what a preacher wants to hear, eh?

I’d rather see a sermon any day than hear one

Or maybe they are exactly the words a preacher wants to hear.  Today I preached on God’s story and your story and the intersection we too often overlook.  I challenged people to take the risk to connect to God and each other.  Jacob’s refrain after realizing God is indeed surrounding us even in times we don’t expect:

Surely God is in this place and I did not know it

And then I saw it happen:  Will returned from the Upper Room, our worship experience for younger children, during the final hymn bypassing his family and walked to the choir loft where he delivered something to Lois.  Connection.  It is in those sorts of moments that I love the church, even with all its faults and idiosyncrasies.  Will, an 8 year old, a valuable part of Pioneer and Lois, and 80 something year old, a valuable part of Pioneer – connected.

Let me say it again – you have to risk to make those connections.  You have to risk being vulnerable.  You have to risk showing up which means might mean giving up an extra hour of sleep. I think being connected to God and connected to each other makes a difference.  I saw it happen today.

Thanks Will.  Thanks Lois.  Thanks for a great sermon.