I challenged our congregation yesterday to practice seeing God at work in our lives.  We’ve been exploring how God’s Story and Our Stories intersect and yesterday’s text was the Matthew passage on the transfiguration.  Mountain top experiences of God’s presence are real but like Peter, we can’t pitch a couple of tents and live on the mountain top forever.  We can’t even bottle the presence of God and somehow carry it with us when we need a quick refresher!

Instead, we need to practice seeing God moving in and out of our lives when the mountain is miles away.  Each person received a 3×5 card to track their sightings.  Here are a few from my day:

  • The staff at the urgent care who cared for a woman who was dealing with an ankle injury – and some sort of dementia.  Their patience and tenderness was such a gift to me as I thought of my own mom and what would have been
  • K2s gentle spirit
  • people who carry you when you can’t do it yourself
  • a surprise package in the mail that brought great laughs

To be honest, life has been anything but a mountain top of late.  The sermon I preached was as much to me as anyone else.  I’m not thinking that practice makes perfect – but it certainly makes me more aware of God’s consistency and faithfulness.  Hesed, I believe is the word for it!